Sunday, December 17, 2017

USPS Open on Sunday!

Winner! I got 5 of my 7 holiday packages mailed while I was in Kohala. But I forgot a key item for 2 of the packages; so I had to bring them back to complete them. But the floor project started a day after I got back & I did not want to leave the house while Joe & Ikaika were here. I trusted them, but Dad's dementia was causing him to not want people he doesn't know in the house. And although he never woke up and came out between meals while they were here, it was easier to stay put & not have to worry about what might be happening.

I heard that 6 of the post offices on the island would have special hours today in order for people to get packages to the continental US in time for Christmas; the Priority mail deadline was yesterday. If you want to pay more for Priority Express the deadline is December 20th. I went to the post office this morning and mailed those last 2 packages; my receipt says they'll arrive on the 22nd. Yay!
I used self-service & was done in 15 minutes; otherwise I would have been that last person in line.

After I got back I fed Dad lunch, then took a nap for a couple of hours. I needed to catch up on my sleep. That cot was probably better than sleeping directly on the floor especially with the cold weather that we've been having, but was not comfortable. And having a couple of cats sleeping with me kept me from being able to get in to a comfortable position. It's great being back in my own bedroom where I can close the door! The kitties are also happy that they don't need to stay out in the cat run all day.

When Curtis & I talked about putting the things out by the side of the road for bulk pick up, we joked about someone coming to pick up the old couch. This evening when I went to put the garbage out for tomorrow, the couch was gone and so was Mom's old dresser! Earlier in the year when we put out some other things for bulk pick up about half of them were picked up by other people passing by; one of the perks of living on a well traveled street.
Only the broken toilet & cabinet are left.

Happy Birthday to BJ!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

New Floor, All Pau!

Joe & Ikaika finished all the molding about lunch time so we started moving all the furniture back in. The 2 of them moved the furniture & boxes back in a little over an hour. With Curtis, Lori, Brent, Shaun, & me it took us about 2 hours to get almost everything except the beds out on Sunday; Curtis & Brent had already moved a bunch of things on Saturday. Joe & Ikaika moved Dad's 8-drawer dresser without taking the drawers out. Ikaika moved my 4-drawer dresser by himself without taking the drawers out. Joe picked up the old toilet & tank by himself & moved it without a dolly. Big, strong guys can make things go much faster!
Dad's bedroom.
My bedroom. We moved the low cabinet out to the living room.
Living room, west wall.
Living room, east wall. We're getting rid of the old couch & the old cabinet by the window.
Fortunately this is our bulk pick-up week so we can put these things out today.

The cats were really interested in checking everything out when I let them back in.
Front to Back: Xander, Shiro, & Chibi, checking things out.

They also liked watching the bird TV.

After Joe & Ikaika left I worked on cleaning up Dad's bathroom sink and getting things back in to his room so that he could sleep there tonight.

Throughout this temporary move Chibi has been sleeping in the other room with Dad most of the time. Chibi also appreciated being able to get back in to Dad's bedroom.

This morning I charged up the Minimax; its a compact charging unit for car batteries. Mom bought 2 of them, one for Curtis & one for me. We have not used them yet, but we're going to try it on the RAV4 which has a dead battery. They pushed it part way out of the garage in order to start moving the furniture to the garage; now we need to get it back in the garage and pushing it back in is not an option. We'll try it tomorrow when Curtis comes over.

One of the cool things about all the moving has been finding interesting things. One of the things I found was the old Underwood typewriter that Mom had. I remember practicing for my Typing Class on this thing. Yes, Typing Class, in high school. I know it wasn't an elective, so it must have been a required class for everyone. (If it was an elective I would have skipped it!) I think it has now morphed into "Keyboarding"; who types nowadays anymore?

Happy Birthday to Adnan!

Friday, December 15, 2017

New Floor, Day 4

There was a lot of activity here today. I started out by rewashing the towels we used to soak up the water from the carpet the other night. I had already washed them once yesterday but they felt a little oily so I washed them again. The wash water was dark brown and the rinse water was just slightly lighter. So I didn't even take them out of the washer, I just washed them again. Unfortunately, I was preoccupied deleting stuff off my phone and missed both the wash and rinse water, so I decided to call it good. They felt better & looked cleaner.
This is the wash water from the 2nd washing! It looks like it was not washed at all.

City Mill delivered the toilet this morning. They never called to let me know when they were delivering it. But since A-1 Budget Plumbing said they couldn't come until Monday it didn't matter. I had Stan put it in the garage; Joe & Ikaika said they would move it in to the bathroom when they move the rest of the furniture in.
Stan from City Mill unloading the toilet.

While I was hanging the laundry I noticed that the purple sweet potatoes were blooming. I had never seen sweet potato flowers so I don't know if they always have a purple center or if the purple center is a hint that the potato itself is purple.
Yes, it looks like a morning glory, they're closely related!

Just as I was finishing off hanging the laundry I got a call from A-1 Budget Plumbing. It turns out the plumber was on his way to the house, expected to arrive within the next 15 minutes. Yesterday I was told they couldn't get to us until Monday so I told Joe he didn't need to hurry and get the molding in the bathroom done as soon as possible. Now I had to tell him to make it a real big rush! To make matters worse it started to rain. A Lot! I got soaked getting the laundry off the line. I threw everything in to the dryer and went out to the garage to wait for the plumber. And guess what, the sun started to come out! But there were still a bunch of gray clouds so I decided not to hang things out again.

A short while later Paul, the plumber from A-1, arrived. He actually drove past once, Ikaika saw him and asked me if it was A-1 that was coming. I introduced Paul to Joe and told him Joe was working on the molding; they said they would work it out. And they did. There is now a brand new antimicrobial, ADA-compliant, water-efficient toilet in Dad's bathroom. As well as a new floor.

In the meanwhile, the cats were clustered around the old parsons table under the eaves keeping away from the rain until the sun came out. Which it did and it ended up staying out for the rest of the day.
L to R on ground: Xander & Chibi; Shiro on top of the table.

Joe & Ikaika are almost done with the floor. They have finished putting down all the flooring. They have only the cove molding left, but they said the molding is the most time-consuming part of the job. Almost all the pieces are cut, they just need to be installed. They will be back tomorrow to complete the installation. Within 10 minutes after they left Xander decided to test the claim of the Engage Genesis flooring that it is pet-proof. It is.
Really, Xander? Couldn't you wait until everything was done?

As they have done every evening, the cats inspected all their work.
Shiro & Chibi checking out the equipment.

Checking out things in Dad's bedroom.

Curtis came over and cleaned Dad up; he liked the looks of the floor. Dad was feeling good so we went out to Zippy's for dinner after he was cleaned up. Dad had the hamburger steak, Curtis had his Zippy's usual (chili burrito), and I tried one of their specials of the day - Pork Adobo Fried Rice, they serve it like a loco moco with 2 eggs on top. 
Pork Adobo Fried Rice.

Happy Birthday to Linda, Stephanie, & Louis!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

New Floor, Day 3

Joe & Ikaika started out the morning by finishing off filling the low spots and grinding the high spots down. After lunch they started working on laying down the new flooring material.
Joe finishing off the bedroom & moving in to the hallway.

By 2 when they took a break Joe & Ikaika had completed the flooring in my room and were starting on Dad's room.

While they were doing that I decided to have a cup of tea to warm up since the doors were still open. I found out there is a lot of tea! It might be because Mom had it on 2 different shelves or perhaps it was the dementia causing her to forget that she already had that particular tea. There are over 20 boxes, which translates to over 300 bags of tea! She had 4 boxes of genmai cha and 6 boxes of green tea!

I also found some non-tea stuff in the pile of tea boxes.
I think the one on the left are very dried prunes.

Joe & Ikaika left as Dad & I were sitting down to dinner. Because the concrete floor was so uneven and took so much prep time, they said they will be finished on Saturday instead of tomorrow. But they will get Dad's bathroom done tomorrow morning so that it will be ready for the toilet installation.

The cats checked out today's work. I think they're going to like it; Shiro & Chibi were galloping around this evening.

I found a cartoon that highlights the weather we have been having these past couple of weeks.

Happy Birthday to Richard!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New Floor, Day 2

The floor dried very slowly last night. By 11 pm it was mainly dry except for a spot about 3' x 3'; but it was drier than it had been. I moved the fans closer to the wet area and hoped that the cats would avoid it because of the air blowing over it. And it worked!
Shiro going to check things out.
Shiro checking out the fan; he did not want to walk in front of it.

Only Ikaika came today; Joe had a medical appointment. Ikaika worked on grinding down the high spots and filling the low spots with the skim coat.
Ikaika filled in another low spot in the living room, then he moved on to the 2 other rooms.

In the morning Curtis sent me photos of the crane that came to drop off the rafters for the new addition. They have to lift them over the existing house.
(Photo by Curtis)
(Photo by Curtis)
(Photo by Curtis)

Today the cats were much better about staying in the cat run. They settled down really quickly, even Xander.
Chibi napping under the lowest shelf.
Xander getting with the program and taking a nap instead of trying to claw his way in.

My friend Robert also sent me some photos today of him doing his morning walk. Robert is the one that texted me a few days ago to say it was 19 degrees where he is at. I need to get back to my morning walk; I guess I shouldn't let a little rain keep me from doing my morning walk.
On his morning walk. (Selfie by Robert)
Just a little bit of snow. (Photo by Robert)

At the end of the day Curtis sent more photos of the status of the work at his house.
View from the master bedroom. (Photo by Curtis)
From the back yard. (Photo by Curtis)

Ikaika worked until about 6 pm. He had asked earlier if it would be alright if he worked later; I said it was as long as I could close the doors on the other rooms so that cats could come in earlier than 11 pm. He also had to work on the hallway so he put up a barrier made from the plywood from one of the beds, one of the living room tables, and his concrete grinder. The cats were very curious about that. It worked well but I forgot that their water is in the bathroom, which is now behind the barrier. Shiro let me know about it by jumping up to drink water in the kitchen sink. (Xander was really thirsty but he's too fat to jump up to the sink!)
Shiro & Chibi checking out the barrier that Ikaika built to keep them out of the wet areas.

After I fed Dad, I went to Feather & Fur to drop off the 3 carriers that Sam had left with me at the end of the O'ahu Seabird Aid program. She said to wait till I got back from Kohala in case there were other carriers that Hawai'i Wildlife Center sent back with me; they had none. It's a good thing Feather & Fur is open 24/7.

I waited until after Ikaika left and Dad went back to sleep to take the carriers to Feather & Fur because Dad has been much more confused about where he is and who is in the house. I think it is because he has never spent much time at this end of the house so he thinks he is somewhere else. He keeps asking me if we are in Washington. The colder weather we are having probably also has him thinking we must be somewhere else because its so much colder than what he is used to!

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Clarissa & John!