Monday, January 15, 2018

Prepping for Emergency Prep

My task today was to clean out the left side pantry cabinet in the computer room & fill it with the water bottles that I have. (Previously I kept the bottles out on the table in front of the TV so that Mom could see that we had them; she would get anxious every time they talked about preparing for hurricanes, seeing that we had the bottles of water calmed her down.) The left side cabinet has always been kind of empty; the right side is the bulk storage. (There is a smaller pantry in the family room where we put just a few cans or bottles of items.) We're set with Nutter Butters; we have a 5-week supply for Dad!

Since I am now planning to keep the bottles filled year round I am going to use only the #1 PETE (juice & soda) bottles for drinking water. Since we don't get soda in 2 liter bottles, I will be using cranberry juice bottles; they're 96 ounces (2.8 liters) so they hold more than soda bottles. They're also rectangular so they are more space efficient. The water in the #2 HDPE (milk) milk bottles will be used for dish washing & toilet flushing; they also need to be inspected more often because they are more prone to leak. It is also difficult to get the milk fats thoroughly cleaned out of the bottles, so they're not so hot for storing water.
There are 12 bottles here. Yes, they're numbered.

For the drinking water the bottles should be disinfected with a chlorine solution. I checked Mom's Clorox. It was so old the manufacturing code is no longer being used. Yes, bleach does expire. When I was working on the amphibian monitoring program we had to disinfect our gear when going between watersheds so we wouldn't spread chytrid fungus. We couldn't use bleach more than 6 months old, that's the same for hospitals and other disinfecting uses. For home laundry use just for bleaching a year old is still okay. Bleach breaks down to salt so if you keep it too long it won't do much. I will be picking up new bleach tomorrow.
According to the info on the Clorox site, this bottle was made in 2011 on the 526th day of the year. Right.

State #13 on my Jetsetter Map is Missouri. We went there for our friends' Paul & Kerry's wedding. We landed in Kansas City, where Paul lived, then drove across the state to St. Louis, where Kerry lived, for the wedding. We also drove to Springfield to visit friends who could not make it to the wedding due to medical issues.

Happy Birthday to Randy!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

#12 of 14 Minnesota

State #12 on my Jetsetter Map is Minnesota. My ex-husband's best friend lived in Minnesota; we went there for his wedding. There are a lot of lakes in Minnesota, but it also gets very cold. One of my co-workers was from International Falls, MN, which is called the "Icebox of the Nation". He said he was glad he was "from Minnesota."

There has been a lot of hindsight on what went on with the missile attack false alarm yesterday. But I think the most important thing that happened is that many people are realizing that they didn't know what to do and are now paying attention. The Hawai'i Emergency Management Agency put out the information again; I think more people will be putting together emergency preparedness kits now.

Jody sent me some green sea turtle photos from when she was visiting in October. Here is a photo of one of the turtles sleeping on the beach.

Happy Birthday to Glenn, Darrell, Sidnee, Bruce, Jon, Alberto, & Rachel!

Saturday, January 13, 2018


... INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL." That's what my phone said at 8:07 this morning while I was getting Xander's insulin shot ready. But I didn't hear any sirens so I turned on the TV and saw ... basketball and soccer. No alerts or special broadcasts. So I decided it was a false alarm. Because even if it was real, what can you really do in 12 minutes? Which is how long the military guys said it would take a missile to get here after North Korea began test launches last year. Since Dad was fast asleep it would take about 15 minutes to get him up and in to the car; so I decided the best thing for us was to shelter in place ... and continued with Xander's meds and testing the Deebot. Besides, there are no public fallout shelters; they were decommissioned when the Cold War ended.
(Screen shot from KITV)

Twelve minutes later no missiles, Dad is still sleeping, Xander has his insulin shot & treats, and the Deebot is making the rounds in the living room.

At 8:45 another message came over the emergency alert system saying it was a false alarm. I checked the TV again and this time there were announcements about it being a false alarm. But I knew that already.
(Screen shot from KITV)
(Screen shot from KITV)

I continued with the Deebot testing. The manual says it will run for 110 minutes then return to its charging station; it did that. Tomorrow I will try the autostart; I need to double click the Autostart button at the time I want it to start, then see what time it starts the next day. I could also install the Deebot app on my phone and do it from the phone but I don't need another app on my phone.
Xander checking out the Deebot; I put the catnip toy on top of it to get the cats' attention.
The Deebot had a little trouble getting out from under the blue chair until I added the caster cups to the back feet of the chair.
Here's what it picked up after 110 minutes of cleaning an area that looked like there was hardly anything there.

Listening to the evening news it seems to me there are a lot of people who didn't pay attention to the information that the Hawai'i Emergency Management Agency has been giving out about emergency preparedness. People were thinking they had hours before a missile would arrive, some were going to the airport to try to catch planes leaving before the missile arrived! A guy was putting his kids in a storm drain; what happens after the missile hits? Who's going to get the kids out and take care of them? People were leaving concrete buildings for ... who knows where. I think the 38 minute delay in getting the information out about it being a false alarm contributed to the weird actions. FYI There was no change in activity in our neighborhood. 
(Screen shot from KITV)
(Screen shot from KITV)

Are we ready to shelter in place? Sort of. Food? Yes, we have 14 days worth of food that needs no cooking. (And more if we still have utilities.) Water? Nope, I dumped that out after the end of the last hurricane season; probably should fill those up again & keep them filled even after hurricane season. And I have identified the place in the house that is the most likely to provide the best protection from a hurricane; which will also have to do in case of nuclear attack. For a missile attack, closing the windows is easy (Dad's are always closed), but if they say we need to put up plastic sheeting (for chemical gas attacks) I have duct tape but not enough plastic for all the windows. One of the things I think people forget is that countries with nuclear weapons won't be launching only one missile at a time. There are at least 5 major military targets on O'ahu, the closest one to us is about 8 miles away, with 2 others within 10 miles. And if they decide to hit the Emergency Management bunker in Diamond Head then its about a mile away, although the walls of the crater would contain the shock waves of the blast. And there would be more than 1 missile for each target. (Remember those old World War II movies where a whole stream of bombs are dropped on the target by each plane?)

State #11 on my Jetsetter Map is Wisconsin. My ex-husband's family had a summer cabin in Wisconsin so we spent several summer vacations there. I'm hoping to get back to Wisconsin this year to visit a friend in Green Bay, then head north to visit friends in the Upper Peninsula.

Happy Birthday to Cousin Tomiko! And also to Ray!

Friday, January 12, 2018

HELOC Papers Done!

I spent about an hour getting the Home Equity Line of Credit paperwork signed & notarized. About half of that was waiting to be seen, the other half was actually getting the papers signed. Patrick, the loan officer that worked on helping me get the loan for the Subaru, was the one notarizing the HELOC papers. Later I stopped at FedEx to send the papers back to Timothy. FedEx said they would be there on Monday, but that's Martin Luther King Day which is a holiday and financial institutions are usually closed then.

I also went to update the registration for the Subaru at the Satellite City Hall. I spent about half an hour in line waiting. The actual registration took only about 10 minutes.

I paid extra for the National Park specialty license plate, specifically for Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park one.  The funds go towards resource protection and education projects at Hawai'i Volcanoes and Haleakala National Parks. I should receive the plate in about 6 weeks.
Volcano design on Hawai‘i Volcanoes NP license plate
(Screen shot from

On the way back I saw a car with an interesting message. I checked out the website, or tried to. None of the iterations I tried works.

I found my stamps! I knew I had bought some before Christmas but was unable to find them with all the packing and moving that was going on. I found them this morning. I like interesting stamps so I got these stamps. There are 5 species shown on the Sharks stamps; the hammerhead is the only one I have seen while diving. Of the dishes shown on the Delicioso stamps, I have tried 5 of the 6 dishes and like them all. Sancocho is the only one I have not tried.

State #10 on my Jetsetter Map is Illinois, which was chronologically the 3rd state that I visited. We went there on our 1st trip to the continental US; Aunty Daisy & her family were living there at that time.

This afternoon Chibi decided to take advantage of the sun; she spent most of the afternoon there.

Happy Birthday to Sam!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

#9 of 14 Montana

State #9 on my Jetsetter Map is Montana. I've been there twice; once for a human rights conference and once to visit friends.

I didn't do much today except get caught up with all of Dad's financial paperwork. I needed to figure out what Dad had at the end of 2017. Because of having to sleep in the computer room while we were replacing the carpet with flooring, I wasn't able to get to all the paperwork in December, so that's what I did today. Dad is getting a cost of living adjustment to his disability compensation from the Veterans Administration as well as his Medicaid amount.

Happy Birthday to Maxine! And Happy 38th Anniversary to Howard & Erin!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#8 of 14 Idaho

State #8 on my Jetsetter Map is Idaho. We've been to Idaho twice; once for a human rights conference and once for an Aikido training weekend. We also went to the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area and the Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve.

While driving through Idaho occasionally we saw these weird, big, lumpy, whitish things along the side of the road. For a while we couldn't figure out what they were. Turns out they were sugar beets; in 2004 Idaho was the largest producer of sugar beets in the Northwest, 3rd in the US. They are transported in big dump trucks and occasionally fall off on the highways. I don't remember ever seeing sugar cane along the side of the road, but it probably just looked like clumps of dead grass.
Image result for sugar beet images

I went to see Harold from HG Capital Advisors today. He wanted to look over the Home Equity Line of Credit paperwork. After a call to Timothy at the credit union, Harold said everything looked good. I'll arrange to sit down with a notary to sign all the paperwork and get it back to Timothy.

Happy Birthday to Bruce, Wayne, Jeff, & Maria!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Excitement Last Night

Last night I heard a siren, then I heard a large truck stop nearby. I could see red flashing lights coming through the windows. It turns out a firetruck & ambulance were parked in front of the Loi's house. As I watched it became apparent that they were actually going to the Kong's house next door to the Loi's.

Today was Breakfast Day! We went to the Kapiolani Coffee Shop; which is on Kamehameha Highway, not Kapiolani Boulevard. Go figure! Curtis had the Eggs with Portuguese Hot Dog; I had the Lup Cheong Omelet.
Eggs with Portuguese Hot Dog. (Photo by Curtis)
Lup Cheong Omelet.

After breakfast we went to Sam's Club to check on the Boost Plus supplement; the Boost Compact we have been giving Dad is being discontinued so we have to find another supplement. Kaiser suggested the Boost Plus that they carry; Curtis said they had that at Sam's Club so we went to check the price. It turns out Sam's Club had Boost High Protein, not Boost Plus. The Plus has 30% more calories than the High Protein, it also has 1 g less protein, over 50% more fat, about 25% less potassium, and about 25% more; everything else was pretty much the same. It was about $10/case cheaper so we got a case. I gave one to Dad tonight. He liked it!

While at Sam's Club we picked up a few more items, including Biofreeze! I have been using Biofreeze for a very long time; I decided to get some to help my knee. And anything else I might do to myself in the future.

I checked out Curtis & Lori's addition. The tile roof has been installed, the Tyvek vapor barrier is installed, and the siding is now being worked on; they anticipate being completed with the entire addition, inside & out, in about 6 weeks. Then they will be working on the kitchen remodel.
The sidewalk was poured yesterday.

State #7 on my Jetsetter Map is Utah. I've been there several times visiting my husband's father (when we were still married) and visiting friends on later trips. On one of the later trips, we drove through the state to get to Las Vegas.

Happy Birthday to Claire!