Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dinner at Zippy's with Dad

Curtis came over this evening to give Dad a shave and change his clothes. After that we went out to dinner at Dad's favorite place, Zippy's! Dad had his favorite Hamburger Steak Plate with vanilla ice cream for dessert, Curtis had the Chili Moco, and I had the Pork Adobo special. We try to take Dad out every so often; I told him there was nothing to eat in the house so we needed to go out for dinner. I actually had not made anything but could easily get something out of the freezer if he was adamant about not going out. Zippy's is great because they are very kupuna-friendly. There are disabled parking stalls on both parking levels, a very well-marked pedestrian walkway, and a good elevator from the parking level to the restaurant level. 
Curtis cuts up Dad's Hamburger Steak; (clockwise) roll, Pork Adobo, and Chili Moco.
Chili Moco. (Photo by Curtis)
Pork Adobo Mini-plate.

There is a storm front that has been sitting south of the state all day. Kaua'i started to get rain this afternoon; they're under a flash flood warning until later tonight. The rest of the State is under a flash flood watch. Last Sunday we also had heavy rains which caused damage in several areas; the ground is still saturated so more damage is anticipated if the predicted rainfalls of 5" to 12" materialize.
There's a big cloud hanging over the state this evening. (Screen shot from KGMB)
This was flooding from last Sunday on Maui. (Screen shot from KGMB)

I received an envelope in the mail today; one of the things in the envelope was poking out of it. They were gifts from Janice! I sent her this photo; she said that everything that she sent arrived. She was dealing with new snow beginning to come down.
Gifts from Janice (clockwise from top left): Stargazing pocket notebook, Seattle Chocolate Company Bali Sea Salt Toffee jcoco chocolate bar, and Epic 100% Natural Bison protein bar.
Fresh snow in Seattle. (Photo by Janice)

Happy Birthday to Shannon!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Another Flower Blooms!

I checked Mom's orchid today. And found another flower had bloomed! It will be a couple more days before the next bud opens up.

Xander had another blood glucose test today. He still needs to be on the insulin but the amount has stayed the same, 2 units twice a day. Along with the 1/2 tablet every other day. He has to go back in 2 months for another check up on his blood glucose level. Hopefully his pancreas will be working better then; it would be great to get him off of the insulin shots.

The weather forecast is saying we'll be having heavy rains again beginning tomorrow. There is a flood watch that will start tomorrow morning and currently planned to go through Friday evening. Stay tuned for more rain photos!

Happy Birthday to Vickie, Barb, Jackson, Darwin, & Amelia!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Cafe

This morning we went to My Cafe for breakfast. They have a long skinny dining area that runs parallel to the kitchen area. The walls have a bunch of murals along them. Curtis had the Corned Beef Brisket Hash Plate; I had the Chocolate Taro Haupia Pancakes. We'll have to go back again to try more things.
If you're staying for breakfast, park on the opposite side of the parking lot or you'll get towed if you're there for more than 30 minutes..
There's a menu board as well as a paper menu.

Corned Beef Brisket Hash Plate. (Photo by Curtis)
Chocolate Taro Haupia Pancakes.

Back at Curtis' house I checked out his remodel. The sheetrock has been taped, mudded, and painted. The contractors haven't started removing the sliding glass door yet.
Looking out the master bedroom windows.
Curtis going in to the very large closet in the master bedroom.
Master bathroom with wheelchair accessible shower.
Looking out the windows of the other new bedroom.
This sliding glass door and wall will be removed to provide access to the new rooms.
Looking towards the kitchen which will also be remodeled.
On the outer edge of the new lanai, looking towards one of the new bedrooms.
Looking towards the new sliding glass door. The bay window on the right will be removed.

Happy Birthday to Chris, Gus, & Rebecca!

Monday, February 19, 2018

More Doggie Treats

Mary Ellen gave Louie the lai see today. They are filled with dog biscuits that look like Chinese coins. He liked them! I'll have to see what else the Hawai'i Doggie Bakery has for Louie.
Louie receiving his lai see. (Photo by Mary Ellen)
Louie eating his treats. (Photo by Mary Ellen)

I had an exciting day! I cleaned out the condiment drawer! (Yes, its really exciting around here.) I'm not sure what it's really for, but Mom had it filled with little packets of condiments when I arrived. I organized it today; we were out of mayonnaise and I was hoping there was some in there. There was! Now that I know what's in there, I'll start using things.
Need any salad dressing or shoyu? In case, you're wondering, the chocolate stays in the refrigerator so it doesn't melt.

In case you're wondering, last year Shiro (who is the oldest at 16 years) amassed a little over $900 worth of bills and Chibi (the youngest, who will be 11 in about a month) cost a little less than $700. In these first few weeks of the year the pattern of bills that they are racking up is similar to last year; 15 year old Xander is again in the lead with over 80% of the cat bills.

Happy Birthday to Barb & Rachael!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Flash Flood Alerts

Today my phone was buzzing with alerts! They were only "Severe" alerts for flash flood warnings; the missile alert (& the cancellation) came as "Extreme" alerts. There were also banners that streamed across the TV screen. Since we turned the TV on at about 5:15 to watch the news until about 6:30 when Dad went back to bed, it went off 3 times. Each time extended the flash flood warning; it is now up to 10 pm. The rain appears to be a little heavier than the rain on Valentine's Day. There was also lightning and thunder. And the power went out for about 15 minutes just after Dad went back to bed.
Yes, it looks like the 02/14 rain photo, but the solid stream of water extends down to the bottom of the Loi's window.

I finally collated all the 2017 receipts for cat-related expenses. I itemized the expenses by cat; Xander was the big winner, I spent almost $7000 on him last year! It was the 2-day hospitalization for pancreatitis, the ultrasound, and the more intensive boarding expenses because he needs twice daily insulin shots. Earlier I thought it was closer to $4000, so I told Kai I would help him out with $4000 worth of stuff this year. I guess I better tell him its more like $7000. He has already requested help with new boots to replace his 5 year old boots that are starting to wear through the soles (and can't be resoled due to how the uppers are attached to the soles), an ergonomic chair to help relieve his back pain while sitting at the computer, more art supplies, a new battery for his phone, and repairs to the old Subaru. I think the chair might be the most expensive thing on Kai's list.
The Seven Thousand Dollar Cat; doesn't have quite the same ring as The Six Million Dollar Man.

Happy Birthday to Tami & David!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Happy Dog!

Louie got his Chinese New Year's doggie treats today. It looks like he likes them! I'll have to remember to take Kai to the Hawai'i Doggie Bakery the next time he is here so he can get more treats for Louie.
Mary Ellen gives Louie his Growlin' Doggie Gau. (Photo by Kai)
Louie eating his doggie gau in the living room. (Photo by Kai)

A striped skunk apparently stowed away on a ship from San Diego and jumped ship here. It got its head stuck in what looks like a Yoplait yogurt container and was wandering around blindly at the harbor when it was corralled by the dock workers. Which is probably a good thing; it won't spray if it can't see where it's spraying. They're testing it for rabies now; apparently this is the first time a skunk has been caught in the state.
(Screen shot from HNN)

Congratulations to neighbors Joy & Sam! They got married today! Happy Birthday to Marc, Dixie, & Susan!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Today is Chinese New Year! Bright and early this morning Mr. Loi came over with a plate of jin dui for us; Mrs. Loi makes them every year. Guess what I had for breakfast? FYI Fitbit does not know what jin dui is; it gave me corn on the cob. I even spelled it the way Wikipedia does, jian dui; still gave me corn on the cob. I also used the English translation, sesame ball; it gave me sesame buns, you know, like the ones McDonald's uses.
Mrs. Loi's jin dui are about 3 inches in diameter.

Of course this will make my weight loss work a little harder. Every Friday before breakfast I weigh myself; I have lost 0.2 pounds since last Friday. From December 29th through January 23rd I lost 2.2 pounds. But after the week in Seattle and a week on the Big Island with lots of tasty food and much less physical activity, I gained back 2 of those pounds; basically I'm back to square one. And now with the jin dui ... oh well. If I was on a low carb diet I think I would need an asterisk that says *except for culturally significant carbs.

The weather was really good today, lots of sun! So I did another load of laundry and hung it outside to dry. While doing that I found out that Mom's orchid had another blossom! The cactus fruit were also doing well.
It looks like there are 5 more buds.
There are about 8 fruits forming. And it looks like there may be more flowers in a few months.

Shaun's car is here while he recuperates. When Curtis dropped it off he pulled it in forward. I parked it backwards so I could see over the hood when I back out since the back windows are heavily tinted.

Here's what the new plate looks like on the car. Now I need to get a license plate holder.

Kai's new boots arrived today from Danner! But they were one size too small. He will be returning them for a bigger size.

Happy Birthday to Liz!