Sunday, June 24, 2018

Mildred Does It Again!

Yes, Mildred brought me another lunch today; it was quite tasty. I will only do 2 walks per day this week and see how I do at my weigh-in on Friday with the extra calories I am taking in. I know she means well and I should tell her that I don't need it; although I have already told her that, perhaps I should be more firm about it. Or maybe I should accept the lunch and do the hard boiled egg for dinner? Auwe!
Clockwise spiral starting at left: Lemon meringue pie, Tossed salad, Split pea soup, Beef stir fry, Brown rice, & Corn niblets.

There was no one at the park this morning. And the birds were mainly Red-vented bulbuls. But there was also a small flock of "LBBs"; I took a photo, we shall see if I can identify them. There were a few people on the courts this afternoon but no interesting birds; I did not see the White-rumped shama today. The weather was a little cooler today; but it was still cooler at Maunalani than it was at home.
I'm thinking they look more like African silverbills than Chestnut munias, but I need a better photo.
Temperature at the house.
Temperature at Maunalani.

Today's Namaste session was in a different room without the recliners; Dad still went and enjoyed himself, though not as much as when they have the recliners. Later in the afternoon Dad grumbled about taking his shower; I think Curtis is better at getting him to take a shower. I know its not the CNA because it has been Dennis who is usually giving Dad his shower and that's what he was doing today.
Dad (L) and several others enjoying the view while they wait for the Namaste session to start.

We're not sure what was going on when these handprints were made. Looks rather worrisome!

The Roommates are planning on going to the casting call for Hawaii Five-O and the new Magnum P-I this weekend. They are wanting it to be a household activity; I will have to see what is happening with Curtis.
I am in the "All others" category.

Happy Birthday to Allis!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Na Kolea

I saw the lost Kolea (Pacific Golden Plover, Pluvialis fulva) again this morning! This time with 2 buddies. Only the original Kolea (I am assuming it is the original one I saw back in early May) was in breeding colors; the other 2 were not. One was kinda halfway between non-breeding & breeding colors. Not sure what that is about since they are now about 1&1/2 months late in leaving for their Arctic breeding grounds.
When Mei-Mei came by the kolea froze; they would be well camouflaged on the beach but not here.

I met Omar and his buddies Mei-Mei & Rocco at the park this morning. Mei-Mei & Rocco are very friendly, happy dogs! Sometimes though, Rocco gets a little excited and wants to go & meet everybody!
Back to front: Omar, Rocco, Mei-Mei.

When I left the house it was 80 degrees F, when I finished my morning walk it was 75 F. It is nice that the breeze returned last night; it was quite breezy up at Maunalani today.

At 3 a.m. this morning, finally! A breeze!

Here's the railing that I am doing my sissy push-ups on during my cool down stretches in the early morning. At the 2nd floor landing, I stand about 3 shoe lengths from the railing; here I have to stand 4&1/2 lengths so that I don't hit my face against the upper portion of the railing. Not sure if I am working different muscles  or its just a more difficult workout due to the angle but I can feel it more, so I have reduced the number of reps to 10 on this railing.

When I was coming back from changing out of my workout clothes I ran in to Mildred in the hallway; she works at Maunalani in food services. She told me she would bring me a lunch today. When I retured from my trip last week I noticed a new sign in the elevator about Maunalani providing a meal for you if you come to help feed the person you are visiting; I just never called to request it because I do fine with my hard-boiled egg. I was intending on only walking twice a day so I don't lose weight too fast, however, if Mildred keeps bringing me a regular lunch I may have to increase that to 3 times a day!

From top left, spiraling in: Beef & Rice Soup, Tossed Salad, Ambrosia, Steamed Rice, Malibu Blend Vegetables, & Mushroom Chicken.

Brent & Shawn came to visit Dad again. They came just as he was getting out of the Namaste session and going in to lunch. We sat out on the 2nd Floor Lanai with Dad while he ate his lunch; which he didn't really eat, he only drank the Boost supplements. Brent helped wheel him back in when the weather shifted and became a little breezier.
Dad & Brent.

I didn't have to go far to see birds today. This Cattle egret was in the Wellness Center Courtyard when I went to check on Dad. It flew up to the banister when I came out of the building.

I still keep track of my time; old habits are hard to break. It helps me figure out how much time different things take to complete. I had been tracking my walks to the park as "Mental health breaks", which I consider them to be. But I decided today that I would list the early morning walk in the "Exercise" category since it starts before I start my time hanging around Maunalani, so theoretically I should not need a mental health break at that time.

My 2nd walk was at the afternoon shift change. Right down on the field there was nothing spectacular, just the same old birds. But in one of the trees on the northeast side of the park I saw the male White-rumped shama (Copsychus malabaricus) again! I think it is getting used to seeing me stop & take photos but not make any threatening moves; it stayed a lot longer and was closer than it has been before. Now I am more sure that the female must be in a nest in that area of the park.

This is what happens when you are not coordinated with the key for the Bathroom #2 door on the 3rd floor. The key is on an ~6" diameter round metal hoop. Somehow I managed to pinch my thumb between the doorjamb & the metal hoop while turning the key to unlock the door. Ouch!

Happy Birthday to Jim, Sam, Jeannie, & Kyle!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Lei Pakalana

I did a load of laundry late last night, with the intention of hanging it out in the back yard as soon as the sprinkler that is on the timer was done; about 7:15 am. I picked enough pakalana flowers to make another hatband lei. I think I will make this part of my morning off protocol; clean clothes and a pakalana lei! The lei will be perfect for Aloha Friday!
The 75 flowers that will become a lei for my hat.
It was 82 degrees F when I was making the lei; I was sweating while I made it.

Curtis sat with Dad this morning; he had things to do in the afternoon. He said it was really easy because Dad went to the Namaste session so he was occupied for about 1&1/2 hours. When CNA Jessa brought Dad back they went out to the 2nd floor lanai for lunch. Once again, it was cooler up at Maunalani than at home.
Temperature at the house.
Temperature at Maunalani.

I had not had the car washed since February, so I took the Subaru to McKinley Car Wash this morning. I think I must have chosen the busiest time! Cars were actually out on the street waiting to turn in; it took about 45 minutes for me to get the car washed. I'm not sure why, but there are a bunch of Spotted doves that walk around between cars & people at the car wash. I didn't see anyone feeding them or anything they might be interested in so I don't know why so many of them are there. The other thing I noticed was that out of the 20 or so cars that I could easily see, mine was the only one with the volcano license plate.

I also went to Kokua Market to pick up salad fixings, eggs, and sauerkraut. I shouldn't have parked in the shade under the tree; when I came out about 15 minutes later, a bird had undone the car wash!

I also went to the bank, credit union, and post office this morning. I mailed off the package of goodies to Vivian & Margaret; they should get that by Monday. While I was walking from the bank to the post office, it started to drizzle; I got to watch the DWR (durable water repellent) treatment on the Anchor Bay long-sleeved shirt at work. I guess it sort of repels water, better than a regular shirt but not as good as a slicker.

There was nothing of interest on my 1st walk to the park ... except for the tourist who almost had a head-on with TheBus when the tourist was looking at the view of Diamond Head instead of the road! That car had actually passed me 3 times earlier, so I thought they were looking for an address. Later I saw them pulled over (at the bus stop), out of their car, and taking photos. Auwe!

On my later walk in the evening, I could clearly see the moon; it made everything seem somewhat calm. 

I think Shiro & Chibi are missing Xander. Shiro does that funny meow that he used when he was looking for Momo; he has been doing it every night. Both cats seem to want to stay close to me now; tonight they were both in the bathroom when I took my shower.
L to R: Chibi & Shiro, keeping me company in the bathroom.

I think something bit me when I was at Hamakua Marsh last night. I have a red spot on each shoulder. And they have a spot in the middle that looks like that's where I got bit. I took photos to send to my PCP to see if she would like me to come in and have it checked.
Left shoulder.
Right shoulder.

It's official; I lost 5.1 pounds over the last week. Those extra walks added up! But I think 5 pounds a week is too much to lose; I will be doing no more than 2 walks per day. I am content with losing just 1 pound a week.

Happy 36th Anniversary to John & Ruth!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

How Hot Was It?

This afternoon, about 12:20 when I left the house to go to Maunalani it was 94 degrees F! Up at Maunalani, about 25 minutes later, it was only 82 F; I think I will continue to do my walks up at Maunalani since the temperature is more reasonable. And there is usually a nice breeze up there, too. Today I did a mid-morning walk and a late afternoon walk; I skipped the evening walk since I wanted to get home a little earlier so I could get to sleep a little earlier.
The clock in the car is off by 7 minutes.

There was nothing of note during the mid-morning walk. But on the late afternoon walk I saw the  male White-rumped shama (Copsychus malabaricus) again. It was alone and in the same stand of trees on the northeast side of the park as the one I saw yesterday. I am thinking it might be one of the pair I saw earlier in the season & perhaps the female is on a nest in that stand of trees. I'll have to pay more attention to what's happening there.

I went to the periodontist again this morning. They are trying to reduce the size of the pocket around the last molar on the left side of my jaw. This is the molar that was next to my wisdom tooth that was removed about 30 years ago.
Yes, I am wearing my hiking boots. They are the best footwear that I have.

On the way to the periodontist (& Kaiser Honolulu) I have to pass this cool mural; it is right at the off-ramp. And today I sat there for about 5 minutes because of all the traffic farther ahead where there is an on ramp.

I have started to have cramps in my calves and foot over the last several weeks. I think I may be losing some electrolytes so I started back on the magnesium malate that Dr. Shaw had me on when I had the same problem before. But I am still getting an occasional cramp so I decided maybe with the additional sweating that I am doing in this hotter weather, perhaps I just need more salt. Here's my solution!

Happy Birthday to Shannen, Vi, & Rylee!

Wednesday Pueo Survey

On Wednesday evening I went out to the Hamakua Marsh with Kyle on my first Pueo survey for the Pueo Project! We didn't see any Pueo, but we saw a lot of 'Auku'u or Black-crowned Night-herons (Nycticorax nycticorax) and Ae'o or Hawaiian Black-necked Stilts (Himantopus mexicanus knudseni). We found several intact owl pellets, later someone will identify what the prey item was. It is a good thing that I have been doing a lot of walking; we had to hike in about a half mile to get to the survey spot. And its a good thing I walk around a lot in the dark, we hiked out after sunset with no lights. Since I was nearby, I stopped to visit Kit & Felipe. It was good to see them, but I got back home fairly late, hence this midday post on Thursday rather than late Wednesday night.
The Pueo hunt on this hillside.
Here is an owl pellet; owls throw up these undigestible parts. That's Kyle's hand in the photo.
This is an owl pellet that has fallen apart due to weather and/or other critters. And another photo of Kyle's hand.

Nursing home tip of the day: When they give you the stool softener, take it! Don't spit it out like Dad. Things will be better in the end!

The park was very busy yesterday morning at 7:30! The parking lot was full and so were the courts; I'm not sure exactly what was going on but there were a lot of youth there. I forgot the binoculars so I couldn't check out the birds in the trees; but it didn't seem like there were any new species. I did find the remains of the centipede that I saw on Monday; it is now definitely dead.
Having trouble with my photo function, so I couldn't rotate or crop this photo to show the centipede.
This will become my early morning view as I do my cool down stretches.

For my 2nd walk, I went at about 10 when Dad was in the activity room, learning how to make somen salad with Susie. (The residents watch, while Susie makes it; then they get to eat it!) I remembered to take the binoculars this time but didn't see anything new; I need to start a checklist for the park. When I went to change after I got back, Susie gave me a big plate of somen salad; it was delicious! I hope to get the recipe for it.
Susie filled up the plate, I just forgot to take a photo until I had eaten a lot of it.

On my 3rd walk, there were no new birds but I did see the White-rumped Shama again. And a FedEx truck with a flat. The tow truck driver was using the lift to raise the front end of the van so that the driver could replace the flat tire.
The White-rumped Shama (Copsychus malabaricus) is on the 2nd trunk from the left.

Here is the complete list of the 16 bird species that I have seen at Maunalani Park since I started my walks when Dad arrived in April. This list is presented in the taxonomic sequence of The Check-list of North American Birds (7th edition through the 58th supplement, 2017), published by the American Ornithological Society. The  codes following the scientific name represent the distribution and population status of the species in Hawai'i. "(En) = Endemic - a species either entirely confined to the Hawaiian Islands in its natural distribution, or a species whose breeding range is entirely confined to the Hawaiian Islands. ... (I) = Introduced - established solely as result of human intervention. ... LC = least concern. ... VU = vulnerable" In some places I have added the local ethnic name for the species.
Spotted dove, Spilopelia chinensis (I) LC
Zebra dove, Geopelia striata (I) LC
Pacific golden plover, Pluvialis fulva LC (aka kolea)
Cattle egret, Bubulcus ibis LC
Red-vented bulbul, Pycnonotus cafer (I) LC
Japanese white-eye, Zosterops japonicus (I) LC (aka mejiro)
White-rumped shama, Copsychus malabaricus (I) LC
Common myna, Acridotheres tristis (I) LC
Common waxbill, Estrilda astrild (I) LC
Java sparrow, Padda oryzivora (I) VU (I'm guessing it is vulnerable in its home range, but not in Hawai'i.)
House sparrow, Passer domesticus (I) LC
House finch, Haemorhous mexicanus (I) LC
Yellow-fronted canary, Crithagra mozambica (I) LC
Northern cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis (I) LC
Red-crested cardinal, Paroaria coronata (I) LC
Saffron finch, Sicalis flaveola (I) LC

Happy Belated Birthday to Alika & Tristan!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Meg's Drive-In

It's Tuesday! Breakfast with Curtis Day! We went to Meg's Drive-In. We both had the Breakfast Plate. Curtis had his with luncheon meat and wheat toast. I had mine with Portuguese sausage, chorizo, and hash browns.

With Portuguese sausage, chorizo, & hash browns.
With luncheon meat and wheat toast. He eats faster than I do.

The kitchen floor work at Curtis' house is now done! The contractor was able to find 2 more tiles to complete the job.

On the way up to Maunalani, I had the misfortune to be stuck behind a slow truck. It was a concrete truck going to deliver to some place near the park.

When I got to Maunalani, they had just put Dad back in bed. Not sure why they decided to leave him with his banana.

Because it was breakfast day I did not walk at 7:30 but I did do 2 walks to the park today. I forgot to take the binoculars on the first walk, but I had them on the second walk. I could see the birds below much better, but this photo doesn't help me identify them. I am hoping Curtis finds the charging cable so that I an charge up the other pair that has a built in camera component. I hope I can get it charged & ready to take photos for the Pueo Project.

I missed seeing this movie so I don't really know what its about. It has an interesting title. I wish I could have seen it. (I was in Green Bay that evening.)

I picked up Xander's ashes today, along with some other memorabilia and his things. They did a good job.

Here are the 2 ingredients that I was unable to get in Bruce Crossing: sesame oil and mirin. I will be sending them to Margaret, probably on Thursday.

I got an e-mail from Kyle today! I will be helping him with a Pueo survey at the Hamakua Marsh  tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I borrowed some binoculars from Curtis. The pair on the right appears to have a digital camera built in so you can take a photo! Unfortunately the USB port is a proprietary type so he needs to find the cord to make it work; I have an adapter that fits but I can't find my cord that the adapter attaches to.

Happy Birthday to Tom & Bruddah Ace!