Friday, August 18, 2017

Xander Doing Better Today

Dr. Belcher called today; Xander is doing better! Xander got intravenous fluids yesterday, he's still on them until this evening. Dr. Belcher also gave him a pain killer and insulin to control his diabetic tendency. Xander will stay overnight so they can monitor his blood glucose level. I stopped by to see how he was doing and let him know he wasn't forgotten. (Shiro spent about 15 minutes last night calling for him.)
Xander getting intravenous fluids. He was a perkier than when I brought him in yesterday.

I opened up the chocolate that Curtis picked up for me when he went to Las Vegas in June. It's a very dark chocolate bar, 85% cacao. The recommended amount of dark chocolate is 1 to 2 ounces per day; which I think is a lot. It would mean eating this box in 1&1/2 to 3&1/2 days. There are 2 bars in this box, each scored in to 16 pieces. I'll probably take more like 16 days to finish this off; which would be 2 pieces or about a quarter of an ounce a day.

I picked up a new electric shaver for Dad. Curtis can use this on him next week to do the final clean-up on Dad; he's still got a couple little clumps of beard. After that Dad should be able to do it on his own. But if the dementia makes that difficult, Curt will do it every week when he comes to wipe Dad down. (Since I took care of helping Mom with bathing, Curtis said he would do it for Dad.)

Happy Birthday to Dustin, Beth, Ron, & Hazuki! And also Happy Statehood Day!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Xander Spending the Night at Cat Clinic

This morning Xander threw up his breakfast. An hour later he had dry heaves; so I called the Cat Clinic and got an appointment for him tomorrow. Over the next 2 hours he heaved 2 more times and was looking really bad. So I called again, they said to bring him in, the vet would look at him between appointments. He was not feeling well at all.
This foam was all that Xander was able to throw up the 4th time.
He was feeling miserable.

Dr. Belcher called just before dinner. They gave Xander a bunch of fluids because he was dehydrated from the vomiting. They also got a bunch of air out of his stomach. They also gave him a pain killer & something to stop the vomiting. Dr. Belcher said Xander is looking a lot more comfortable; he'll have to stay overnight. They will be doing more blood work; Dr. Belcher says the initial blood work shows that he might have diabetes. He hopes to have more information after the results come back from the additional blood tests.

Tonight Curtis came over to clean Dad up, so while he was doing that I tackled the toilet in Dad's room. I had been cleaning it up the regular way with pine sol and a toilet bowl brush but couldn't get it really clean. (Although Dad did mention to Curtis that he wasn't sure what was going on with the toilet, sometimes it would be cleaner then it would get dirty again!) So while Curtis had Dad out on the patio, I added the HurriClean to the tank & the bowl. It says to wait 6 hours, so I will flush it out tomorrow morning. Here's what it looks like now, I put a packet in both the tank and the bowl; more photos tomorrow.
Tank, before.
Tank, after adding the HurriClean. It foams but not a whole lot.
Bowl, before.
Bowl, during.

As I mentioned, Curtis came over to help clean Dad up. He forgot to bring Lori's trimmers, so he used Dad's old electric shaver. It worked, but it appears to be dull so I will be buying a new one tomorrow. (The battery also won't hold a charge, it has to be plugged in to work anymore.) Dad also changed his clothes, so Curtis used the new wipes from CVS to wipe him down while his clothes were off. Dad liked the fragrance better than the Dude Shower Wipes so we'll go with the cheaper, larger CVS wipes.
Getting a closer shave.
Looking good! But still a little fuzzy.

Chibi has been sleeping on the corner of Dad's bed most mornings.

Tonight's Skinny Pop variation: katsuo fumi furikake, which is bonito flakes. The li hing powder stuck to the popcorn better. This furikake settled to the bottom of the bowl. Tomorrow I'll try the aji nori furikake, it might stick better.

Happy Birthday to Billy!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pistachio Popcorn

On most nights I eat a serving of pistachios (1/3 c), unlike Curtis who leaves the bag on the table and munches until he is done. While I was in Kohala the last time he ate all my pistachios. Fortunately, I had brought some back; there's a huge bag in the freezer in Kohala. But he felt bad so he bought me another bag; they're Salt & Pepper pistachios. I didn't know they made different "flavors" of pistachios. This one's a little on the spicy side.

After I posted last night I decided to add the pistachios to the popcorn; the additional pepper actually goes well with the blandness of the Skinny Pop.

This morning Shiro was lying in the middle of the family room. I got the vacuum out and started cleaning up around the Cat Genie. Shiro's smart enough to know that after I clean up around the Cat Genie I move on to the family room, then the kitchen & dining room. So he moved out of the family room. He will usually jump up on the dining room chair that he likes to sleep in and watches the vacuum moving around under his chair.
Shiro in the dining room, peeking around the corner at the vacuum cleaner.

Monday was the 4-month planting anniversary for the papayas; they're doing really well. But no flowers yet so I won't know how prolific they will be. Tomorrow will be the 3-month planting anniversary for the pakalana. It's also doing really well; there are 5 vines that are tall enough to reach the fence & 2 more getting close to reaching it. One vine is almost to the decorative concrete tile wall.

Here is tonight's popcorn flavor: li hing mui. This is made with the artificially-colored and aspartame-sweetened li hing powder. It was the one that was open, I also have a natural li hing powder that I will use after this artificially-colored batch is used up.

Happy Birthday to Terry, Gwen, Michael, & Joyce!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Happy 30th Anniversary to Curtis & Lori!

Today is Curtis & Lori's 30th Anniversary! He has several sayings about how to stay married for such a long time. His favorite is, "Happy wife, happy life."

I met Curtis at his house this morning. He was originally going to take me to breakfast at a place on base; but he had heard that they had just changed the security screening so he wants to check on it before we go. So we went to the Alley Restaurant at Aiea Bowl instead. I had their Signature Apple Cinnamon French Toast; Curtis had their Spam & Eggs Breakfast Plate.
Yes, we had breakfast in a bowling alley.
The Alley Restaurant.
It also has a bakery!
Signature Apple Cinnamon French Toast, it's made with Portuguese sweet bread.
Curtis made a sandwich with his Spam and toast.

There was an interesting ad on the table. For beer. It seems to be ... a fusion beer?
An Irish stout with Latino accents?

After breakfast Curtis wanted to go to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to pick up something he saw there the other day while he was waiting for Lori. It's supposed to clean out the toilet tank and bowl without scrubbing. You just pour it in to the tank, it fizzes as it cleans. Information I found on Google says the active ingredients are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate; so basically lemon juice and baking soda but in a highly refined form. Dad did not get out of bed today so I did not treat his toilet. Although it says it does not release any fumes I'd rather do it when he isn't in the room since if it is fizzing it is basically turning lemon juice & baking soda in to an aerosol. Thus it could irritate his lungs and eyes, both of which are already a little irritated lately.

Curtis gave me some Skinny Pop popcorn. Actually, he gave me all the bags of Skinny Pop that were in the box he bought. He only wanted the box and I guess no one at his house eats plain popcorn. The ingredients list is, "Popcorn, Sunflower Oil and Salt. That's All. Nothing More. Nothing Less." (Yes, that is how it is capitalized.) I am probably going to be mixing the Skinny Pop with furikake or li hing powder; not a big fan of plain popcorn.

Sam texted today; the Wedge-tailed Shearwater chick that I dropped off at the airport yesterday is doing good!

Before I left Curtis' house I took a photo of the area where they will be building their new extension. Technically, the work started yesterday. Today a dumpster and portable toilet will be delivered to the house. They're adding 2 bedrooms downstairs, a full bathroom, and enlarging the kitchen. Happy wife, happy life!
Before construction. The chopsticks mark sprinkler heads.

Happy Birthday to Eddie, Sean, Bernie, & Natalie!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wheels for Wildlife, Transport #1

I got a call yesterday from Sam, the wildlife rehabilitation manager at Hawai'i Wildlife Center. I am a volunteer driver for the Wheels for Wildlife program that they run. Someone had picked up a Wedge-tailed Shearwater chick that they thought was abandoned. Now it can't be returned (they don't know exactly where it came from) so it needs to go to the Hawai'i Wildlife Center to be raised. Since the facility is on Hawai'i island, and the bird is on O'ahu, it needs to be flown over. I picked the chick up at Feather & Fur Animal Hospital in Kailua to start its trip to the Big Island.
If you ever need to find this place, it's behind the Texaco station in the Aikahi Shopping Center.
The chick in a basket, covered by a towel to simulate a burrow.

Our first stop was the Plant Quarantine inspection office at the Honolulu Airport. This is a different place than the other quarantine places I had taken the cats to; its a lot farther in the airport than any of the other offices. The chick needed to get a "Passed" sticker in order to be flown to Hawai'i island.

Then it was off to Hawaiian Air Cargo. I had to leave the main part of the airport to get there. There was a whole bunch of paperwork in order to send the chick to Kona, but Sam had sent all the information I needed to fill them out. In the meanwhile, the chick decided to climb out of the basket.

The chick, just before it jumped out of the basket.

Happy Birthday to Tom, Hot Dog Bruce, & Shelly!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Home Building & Remodeling Show

This evening I went to the New Summer Home Building & Remodeling Show at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. My main goal was to see if I could find something to protect the windows of the Kohala house during a hurricane.

I actually found 2 vendors for hurricane shutters: All Island Rollshutter and RMA Sales. John from All Island was very helpful; he said since the Kohala house is single wall construction don't waste money on window shutter systems that are built to Florida hurricane standards. He said if I did, the walls would fail before the window shutters did. I mentioned that there was an issue with termite damage; he said he has worked with contractors on a lot of houses with termite damage. I will be sending him a photo of a window so he has an idea of what I am working with.
These are the type of shutters that John suggested.

I also talked to a rep about a possible replacement sink for the bathroom. I still need to go in to Ferguson to actually look at the sinks available as well as the fixtures. I would like the replacement to look similar to the original that is in there now.
Sink to be replaced.
A possible replacement? Most don't have a backsplash.

There was also a company that custom makes shoji doors and room partitions, Shoji Hawaii. There is a shoji screen in Grandma's room, it has a hole in it and needs to be replaced. The material that Shoji Hawaii uses is washi paper laminated between plastic so it is more durable.

Yesterday Curtis used the last of the Dude Shower Wipes on Dad. I got the original pack of 8 from the Dude Wipes website. I was also able to get individually wrapped ones from Walgreens but they were a "new" item. Last night I checked online and found a bunch of possibilities. This morning I went to Longs and found some wipes for kupuna! And guess what, they're a little larger than the Dude Shower Wipes and a whole lot cheaper. Hopefully they work as well as the Dude ones.

This afternoon the UPS guy delivered the Lifeproof case! On Monday Angel said it would be 7 to 10 business days, I wasn't expecting it until the middle of next week at the earliest. 

The manual has a section called Life Support.

Happy Birthday to Uncle Tom, Sistah T, & Beverly!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dinner with Dad

Because of the dementia, Dad has been letting his personal hygiene go. I have only been able to get him to trim his nails. Curtis came over this evening, his goal was to get Dad cleaned up a little. He succeeded! He got Dad to change his clothes, while he was out of his old clothes Curt wiped him up with the Dude Shower Wipes. Last night Dad had mentioned he needed a shave; I told him Curtis was coming and would help him. So Curt trimmed his beard with scissors, but then we discovered Dad's electric shaver had been unplugged so it wasn't charged. Dad looked pretty good with a short-trimmed beard so Curt will return on the weekend with Lori's clippers & even it out. We're thinking if Dad will let Curtis clean him up weekly, we can also trim his beard at the same time so it looks neat.
Asian Howard Hughes!
Barber Curtis.

Since Dad was cleaned up we took him to dinner at Zippy's. Before we left the house Dad said he only wanted dessert, but then when we got there he decided he wanted the Beef Stew. Curtis had the Chili Burrito and I had the Garlic Miso Chicken Salad. Since we were going to use the wheelchair for Dad, I drove. (The wheelchair lives in the back of my car.) Because I was driving, Curt found out how to get to the upper parking level and that they also had another door on that level! It was easier to park there and wheel Dad in that door rather than using the elevator.
Dad & Curtis at Zippy's.
When Dad's Beef Stew arrived, he decided he only wanted vanilla ice cream. The stew will be there for him tomorrow night.
Chili Burrito.
Garlic Miso Chicken Salad.

This morning Tevita from HTM Contractors came to look at the mango & pomelo trees to give us an estimate. We need to have the branches trimmed away from the incoming power lines, the branches within 6 feet trimmed back from the eaves, and reduce the height of the mango tree to make harvesting easier. I have another contractor that will also be giving me an estimate.
Pomelo tree in front and mango tree in back. Branches need to be trimmed back at least 6 feet from the eaves.
Looking up to the eaves at the incoming (L to R) phone and power lines.

Happy Birthday to Emily!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Breakfast & Popcorn

Today is Tuesday. Which means breakfast with Curtis! I drove today, we had breakfast in west O'ahu at Kountry Kitchen. Curt said this is in their Top 10 Breakfast Places.

The front of the menu is from the front page of a Kaua'i newspaper from 1941.
Breakfast appears to be their main meal; lunch & dinner are on one page, together.

Curtis said the first time he was here he tried one of their Specials, the Four Meat Loco Moco, but never saw it again. It was there today; that's what I had!

The Four Meat Loco Moco.
A deconstructed Four Meat Loco Moco. L to R: smoked meat, hamburger, SPAM, & Portuguese sausage.
Curtis' Polynesian Omelet which includes kim chee & Portuguese sausage.

We had planned to finish breakfast to get to Abbey Carpet & Floor of Hawaii as it opened. We are looking to change the carpet in the living room to a floor that has no trip hazards. We looked at laminates that look like wood flooring.
Different types of laminate flooring.

Abbey Carpet is near Sand Island so on the way back to Curtis' house, we stopped to check out Primo Popcorn which is located on Sand Island. I first heard about them on the Living 808 show. The father of the guy who started Primo Popcorn used to work at the post office with Lori; she bought some of the 1st product to help them out.

The dad's post office influence is visible in the show room at Primo Popcorn; they have priority mailing boxes available for you to pick up so you can pack and mail it to your friends & family. Or you can do it the easy way & have them pack it and send it for you! That's what I did; I sent Kai 4 different types of popcorn.

They have 2 flavors of popcorn that you have to sign a waiver for when you buy it. I bought one to send to Kai; I had to sign the waiver. I sent a photo of the popcorn & waiver to him so he knew what to expect.

Hot popcorn.

Before I left for breakfast the cats were playing out in the cat run. Shiro & Chibi were jumping around on the shelves and swatting at each other.

Happy Birthday to Steve, Mike, Paul, Nora, & Dominique! Happy 9th Anniversary to Bick & Ron!