Sunday, August 27, 2017

Birthday Dinner

We had Curtis' birthday dinner this evening. He has been eating differently since he was diagnosed with diabetes a couple years ago; minimizing his carbs and choosing more whole grain options.
L to R: broccoli salad, poke, sriracha poke, shrimp, & chicken wraps.
Clockwise from lower left: chicken wraps, whole wheat dinner rolls, andagi, & shrimp summer rolls.
L to R: salmon & vegetable gumbo.

For dessert we had the edible arrangement that Curtis received yesterday. Lori made a vegan whole grain cobbler with blueberries. Chocolate dipped pineapples are surprisingly good! And the cobbler was excellent, too!
Birthday Boy!

Anita & Gavin joined us for dessert. They had just finished dinner, but you couldn't tell that Gavin had eaten a full dinner; he did a great job eating the edible arrangement! He ate about half of it, Anita will be stir frying the kale with some caramelized onions. 
Anita watching Gavin polish off the edible arrangement.

Here's Shaun's tattoo.

Earlier today I tried to go to the 36th Annual Greek Festival at the McCoy Pavilion in Ala Moana Park. I left the house an hour before the event started, but since it started at noon all the parking was already taken by people at the beach. The parking at McCoy Pavilion was reserved for the people working at the festival.

On the way to Ala Moana Park, I drove by the Marco Polo. This is the condominium that caught fire last month, killing 3 people. Apparently about 2/3 of the over 500 units has significant fire, smoke, or water damage. Since then the City has been trying to pass an ordinance to mandate sprinklers in the 300 or so condos built before 1975 like the Marco Polo. They have not been successful.

Since I couldn't go to the Greek Festival I decided to check out the Aloha Gas stations close to the house. I filled up at the closest one which is on Campbell Avenue; its a very tiny station with awkwardly placed pumps. I also checked out the ones on Monsarrat and Kapahulu avenues which are about the same distance farther away from the house but have better pump layouts than Campbell. Now that I have the Aloha Gas card, I paid $2.869 per gallon, which is 6 cents less than the posted price; I saved 92 cents today. I will have to remember to fill up on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday when an additional 5 cents per gallon is taken off, making the price $2.819 per gallon; I would have saved $1.68 if I had remembered and waited. If I pay the balance off by the payment due date they will take an additional 3 cents per gallon off my bill.

Happy Birthday to Deb! And Happy 50th Anniversary to Diann & Bob!

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