Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Breakfast on Base

This morning we went to the base for breakfast; the new identification process is 100% ID check, meaning everyone going in the gate needs to show identification. We went to Wilbur & Orville's Wright Brothers Cafe' & Grille; which is also known as Wright Brothers Cafe' or Wilbur & Orville's. From signs around the place, it looks like it was originally Wright Brothers Cafe' & Grille; perhaps there was a copyright infringement going on so they had to add more to their name.

We both had the #7 breakfast which has corned beef hash. I haven't had corned beef hash in a very long time! I had to ask permission to take photos of the menu & breakfast.

After breakfast Curtis drove me around Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and gave me a tour. We were calling it the $45+ tour because we saw an ad on the reader board at Wright Brothers for a Historic Hickam Tour for $45. There are big signs all over the place saying, "No photos", so you'll have to use your imagination.

There was a noticeable difference between the Hickam (Air Force) portion of the joint base versus the Pearl Harbor (Navy) portion. Hickam has a lot of residential areas so it looks more like a suburb with trees, grassy areas, and retail building. Pearl Harbor is more industrial with docks and dry docks, radars, hangers, and more. Because Curtis was in charge of facilities, among other things, I got to hear the stories about & see the sewage treatment plant, the mangled trees under the power lines, the historic wall that made them move the new building since it couldn't be removed, the historic building where they accidentally put a hole through the wall, and more. I would say more than half the buildings we saw on the base were historic buildings; apparently if something was around when Pearl Harbor was bombed they have to keep it, even it its not on the Historic Register.

The contractors have started working on Curtis & Lori's extension. They deconstructed the deck yesterday; today they loaded up the remains and hauled them away. This afternoon they also started excavating to prepare for the footings & the slab on grade.
The remains of the deck are on the lanai; the lumber is at the outer edges of the extension.
After I left they brought in a very small excavator; I've never seen one this small! (Photo by Curtis)

On the way to breakfast we saw another view of Leahi as we got on to the freeway at Curtis' house.
Leahi #33 from the Waipahu on ramp.

Happy Birthday to John, Peter, & Soya!

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