Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Breakfast & Popcorn

Today is Tuesday. Which means breakfast with Curtis! I drove today, we had breakfast in west O'ahu at Kountry Kitchen. Curt said this is in their Top 10 Breakfast Places.

The front of the menu is from the front page of a Kaua'i newspaper from 1941.
Breakfast appears to be their main meal; lunch & dinner are on one page, together.

Curtis said the first time he was here he tried one of their Specials, the Four Meat Loco Moco, but never saw it again. It was there today; that's what I had!

The Four Meat Loco Moco.
A deconstructed Four Meat Loco Moco. L to R: smoked meat, hamburger, SPAM, & Portuguese sausage.
Curtis' Polynesian Omelet which includes kim chee & Portuguese sausage.

We had planned to finish breakfast to get to Abbey Carpet & Floor of Hawaii as it opened. We are looking to change the carpet in the living room to a floor that has no trip hazards. We looked at laminates that look like wood flooring.
Different types of laminate flooring.

Abbey Carpet is near Sand Island so on the way back to Curtis' house, we stopped to check out Primo Popcorn which is located on Sand Island. I first heard about them on the Living 808 show. The father of the guy who started Primo Popcorn used to work at the post office with Lori; she bought some of the 1st product to help them out.

The dad's post office influence is visible in the show room at Primo Popcorn; they have priority mailing boxes available for you to pick up so you can pack and mail it to your friends & family. Or you can do it the easy way & have them pack it and send it for you! That's what I did; I sent Kai 4 different types of popcorn.

They have 2 flavors of popcorn that you have to sign a waiver for when you buy it. I bought one to send to Kai; I had to sign the waiver. I sent a photo of the popcorn & waiver to him so he knew what to expect.

Hot popcorn.

Before I left for breakfast the cats were playing out in the cat run. Shiro & Chibi were jumping around on the shelves and swatting at each other.

Happy Birthday to Steve, Mike, Paul, Nora, & Dominique! Happy 9th Anniversary to Bick & Ron!

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