Monday, August 28, 2017

Cat Retraining

Shiro has been sneaking food from Xander & Chibi's feeder for a couple of weeks now. Since Xander started on the hydrolyzed protein diet Shiro has been eating more food out of Xander & Chibi's feeder. In fact, yesterday Shiro ate nothing out of his feeder.
Here's Shiro's feeder set in the "Default Closed" door position.

Shiro is on a special diet for kidney disease; he was diagnosed in January 2016 and has been on the special Hill's k/d Diet since then. Previously the other cats have preferred Shiro's food to their own, so I was using the Wonder Bowl that would only open up when Shiro approached it. But I bought another Wireless Whiskers feeder for him earlier this year because I was always having to change his infrared tag for the Wonder Bowl because it was not water tight and would rust out after a few months of being dunked in the water bowl every time Shiro took a drink of water. When Xander had to go on the special Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein diet for his diabetes, Shiro decided he liked that better than his k/d diet.

The Wireless Whiskers has several door control settings. I started with it on "Default Open" since it was easier to get them trained to eat; that was a year and a half ago. Now I will have to retrain all of them that they need to stand near their correct feeder so that it will open up. They might go a little hungry for a few days before they get the hang of it.

I talked to Dad this morning about going to Kohala in October. He was open to it if we were only going for the weekend. Curtis & I have been talking about this for a few months but because of the dementia we have been a little leery about making a bunch of reservations then having to cancel at the last minute. Dad will want to do something, then later decide not to go. When we talked to Fran on Saturday she said for $13 per ticket Hawaiian Airlines will provide a full refund if we need to cancel at the last minute. She learned about it because Doreen would also refuse to go places at the last minute.

Happy Birthday to Jeff & Arden! Happy 24th Anniversary to Sili & Taliga!

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