Monday, August 7, 2017

Creative Weeding

I still haven't gotten used to the heat here. And no one should be out in the sun in the middle of the day either. So today I weeded a portion of the backyard; specifically the portion in the shadow of the wash hanging on the clothesline. I'll have to do the rest later in the evening when the entire backyard is in the shade of the house.
Halfway done with weeding; I'm removing the kukus only for now so that their seeds don't keep spreading.
After, weeding in the shadow.
My legs after weeding, with grass and dirt.

I called Lifeproof today and talked to Angel. I explained that the on/off button on the Fre case that I bought almost 2 years ago had fallen off. I also told him that the Verizon folks said to call even though it was past the 1 year guarantee. I also told Angel that I had paid a total of $120 for 4 Body Glove cases for my previous phone, so I got the Lifeproof case since it was a better deal at $90. Angel said they changed the Lifeproof warranty. Now it was more like a lifetime warranty! Winner! He said the new Lifeproof case would arrive in 7 to 10 days. Angel is an angel!

Dad seems to be spending more time awake during the evening. Last night he got up at 6 for dinner and was still awake when I went to bed at 11! Previously he was going back to bed about 9 or 9:30. I think its the additional Vitamin D3 and B-12 that Dr. Nakano prescribed. Hopefully it will help give him more energy so he can handle getting up for breakfast and staying up until lunch. He would then usually take a nap and get up an hour or so before dinner and take a shower.

Happy Birthday to Jerry & Tammy! Happy Belated Birthday to Mary, Paul, & Brianna!

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