Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dad Had a Great Check-up!

This morning Dad had an appointment with Dr. Nakano. She wanted to follow-up on how Dad was doing; at the beginning of May he had fallen twice in 2 days. After blood tests it turned out Dad was low on potassium and Vitamin D3. Dr. Nakano prescribed supplements for these 2. Today Dad passed everything with flying colors! His blood pressure was great (119/68 mm Hg) and his weight has remained stable at 137 lbs. Dad's blood test results showed he was in the normal range for elders, but a little on the low side for Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B-12. For the next few months Dr. Nakano has Dad taking 1000 IUs of D3 and 500 mcg of B-12. She will be checking up on him again in November right around his 93rd birthday. Dr. Nakano says she wants to be like Dad when she is 93!
The only meds that Dad needs to take.

I also went to the Cat Clinic to pay for Xander's meds; while I was on the Big Island they let Curtis pick up the meds without paying for them. (Curtis told me that it was harder to take care of Xander than it was to take care of Dad. Xander spit out most of the pills and also bit him once.) Today was the last day for the antibiotic Zeniquin 25mg but now Xander will be on another medication, Denamarin 90mg. He also has a new diet, Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein. For 4 weeks he will be on these plus 2 prednisolone a day, then the next 4 weeks its 1&1/2 tablets of prednisolone, then 4 weeks at 1 prednisolone a day, then 4 weeks at 1/2 prednisolone every other day, and finally 1/4 prednisolone every other day for 4 weeks. As I taper off the prednisolone, if Xander starts to throw up again, I go back to the last higher dose before he threw up.

When I got back I went to check the mail. While I was there in the front yard I also took some close up photos of the 'olena and mountain apple so you could see them more clearly, they were kinda lost in the background in yesterday's photo. Curt & Lori's neighbor Debbie will be taking the other mountain apple seedling.
Mountain apple.

The rest of the afternoon was spent going through the rest of the mail; sorting, reading, & paying bills. Although I was gone more days this time than the last trip in early July, getting through the mail was a lot faster. 

Happy Birthday to Heavy, Suzi, & Heather!

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