Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Happy 30th Anniversary to Curtis & Lori!

Today is Curtis & Lori's 30th Anniversary! He has several sayings about how to stay married for such a long time. His favorite is, "Happy wife, happy life."

I met Curtis at his house this morning. He was originally going to take me to breakfast at a place on base; but he had heard that they had just changed the security screening so he wants to check on it before we go. So we went to the Alley Restaurant at Aiea Bowl instead. I had their Signature Apple Cinnamon French Toast; Curtis had their Spam & Eggs Breakfast Plate.
Yes, we had breakfast in a bowling alley.
The Alley Restaurant.
It also has a bakery!
Signature Apple Cinnamon French Toast, it's made with Portuguese sweet bread.
Curtis made a sandwich with his Spam and toast.

There was an interesting ad on the table. For beer. It seems to be ... a fusion beer?
An Irish stout with Latino accents?

After breakfast Curtis wanted to go to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to pick up something he saw there the other day while he was waiting for Lori. It's supposed to clean out the toilet tank and bowl without scrubbing. You just pour it in to the tank, it fizzes as it cleans. Information I found on Google says the active ingredients are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate; so basically lemon juice and baking soda but in a highly refined form. Dad did not get out of bed today so I did not treat his toilet. Although it says it does not release any fumes I'd rather do it when he isn't in the room since if it is fizzing it is basically turning lemon juice & baking soda in to an aerosol. Thus it could irritate his lungs and eyes, both of which are already a little irritated lately.

Curtis gave me some Skinny Pop popcorn. Actually, he gave me all the bags of Skinny Pop that were in the box he bought. He only wanted the box and I guess no one at his house eats plain popcorn. The ingredients list is, "Popcorn, Sunflower Oil and Salt. That's All. Nothing More. Nothing Less." (Yes, that is how it is capitalized.) I am probably going to be mixing the Skinny Pop with furikake or li hing powder; not a big fan of plain popcorn.

Sam texted today; the Wedge-tailed Shearwater chick that I dropped off at the airport yesterday is doing good!

Before I left Curtis' house I took a photo of the area where they will be building their new extension. Technically, the work started yesterday. Today a dumpster and portable toilet will be delivered to the house. They're adding 2 bedrooms downstairs, a full bathroom, and enlarging the kitchen. Happy wife, happy life!
Before construction. The chopsticks mark sprinkler heads.

Happy Birthday to Eddie, Sean, Bernie, & Natalie!

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