Friday, August 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, Curtis!

Today is Curtis' birthday! He and Lori are going out to a movie tonight. We will have a celebration dinner on Sunday night.

Xander had his blood glucose test this morning. He failed. His blood glucose level at 8:30 this morning was at 513 mg/dL, which is very high; they would like to see it at half that amount. They gave him 3 units of insulin and tested him several more times during the day. It did go down a little but not below 250. For now he will be on 3 units twice a day; next Friday he goes back in for another blood glucose test.

In the meanwhile, the vet would like to see Xander gain a little more weight. Which should not be a problem, he has been eating more over the last week. Right now the Wireless Whiskers is set at 25 minutes for him; it was at 16 minutes when he was on the Hills i/d food which is much more calorie dense than the Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein. When I discovered that I increased his time to 20 minutes; but he kept reaching 100% in the early evening so I increased it 1 minute each day. I'll keep an eye on how much he eats over the next week in order to find the right amount of food for him.

Happy Birthday also to Penny & Corinna!

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