Saturday, August 5, 2017

Lunch with Myrt & Neill

Cousin Myrtle & her husband Neill are in town! Since they were coming here for their friends' wedding last night, they decided to stay for a couple weeks and visit relatives on O'ahu, Maui, & Hawai'i island. We had lunch today at Curtis & Lori's house and had some great conversations.
Clockwise from bottom right: taegu, ocean salad, chicken long rice, cabbage with kalua pork, poke, poi, puffs, dragon fruit, & lomi salmon.
L to R: me, DT, Curtis, Lori, Myrtle, & Neill. (Photo by Jenny)

Dad decided not to go to Curtis & Lori's for lunch. At first he said he would go, but then he decided he needed to shave and didn't want to go; his beard has gotten quite long. He also said he couldn't remember who Myrtle & Neill were. I told him he would remember them when he saw them; that's what happened with Mom. But he still decided not to go.

I went to Verizon this morning to get another Lifeproof case. Ashley the store manager told me they no longer carry the Lifeproof for the S5 since they are now on the S8. She gave me the number for Lifeproof and said to call them for a replacement case. It told her my case was almost 2 years old, so it was well over the 1 year guarantee. She said to call them anyway because Lifeproof was really good about replacing a case that failed even if it was over 1 year old. I called, but they are in Colorado so they are on Mountain time and were closed. I will try again tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to Ina, Kathy, Barbara, & Jackie!

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