Friday, August 4, 2017

Rats Again!

Yesterday there were a lot of flies in the house. I couldn't figure out how they were getting in. Then I noticed that a lot of flies were trapped in the light fixture in the bathroom. And also in the hallway fixture near the attic access panel. But the strings on the rat traps were still hanging down. I texted Curtis to ask him if he had smelled anything while I was gone; he hadn't. I called Travis from Terminex to get someone here to check if there might be a dead rat in one of the traps.

No one showed up yesterday. And no one showed up this morning. So I called Travis up again. He came over about an hour later with Lee. Travis went up first and made a funny face; he sent Lee to get a nylofume bag. There was a rat, a very dead rat. It was kinda mummified and had no guts.
The remains of the rat.

On the positive side, Lee had a nice tattoo. I asked if I could take a photo of it; then he showed me another one. It turns out his wife is a tattoo artist and has done most of his tattoos.

My Lifeproof phone case died this morning. The button to turn the phone on sort of fell off. I think perhaps the button has been in the process of failing for a few weeks. My phone has been getting very hot lately and shutting itself down; it was probably the wonky button continue to keep pressure on the on/off button. The $80 Lifeproof case lasted almost 2 years; I got it on August 21, 2015. When I bought it Seth the Verizon sales guy told me it was an expensive case; I told him for my previous phone I had bought 4 Body Glove cases in the same time frame at a cost of $30/case, so $80 was more cost-effective! I will have to see if I can still get a Lifeproof case for my phone. (I tend to keep my phones until they stop working rather than trading them in every 2 years. That way I don't have to learn a new GUI.) Unfortunately I won't be able to get another rainbow heart sticker from the little girl who was celebrating her sister's 1st birthday by giving stickers out to everyone at Big City Diner!
The little black piece between the 2 parts of the case is the on/off button.

Happy Birthday to Mark, Sego, Hendra, & Jessica!

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