Thursday, August 3, 2017

Strawberry Season Is Here Again

Today I was checking on the strawberries because there seemed to be a lot of dried leaves. They were fine, I just need to clean up the old leaves. But I did find new blossoms!

Unlike my dear friend CJ, I have never watched Sharknado or any of the Shark Week shows. That changed tonight; I watched part of "Planet of the Sharks". Since I didn't watch it from the beginning I don't know the complete story, but it appears that climate change must have melted all the glaciers and polar ice caps and the sharks have taken over. And one is very smart & can communicate and control the rest of the sharks. Not sure what else was going on, they were also sending a rocket up in to space for a reason I never found out.

This shark movie was pretty bad though not quite as bad as one I saw about 10 years ago, "Deep Blue Sea". While watching that other movie I made a quick sketch of the shark based on what they said in the movie. Then made a sketch of what the shark that attacked the people in the hallways of the flooded research facility would actually have to look like based on the story line. Here's what that drawing looked like; the shark would sneak up on people walking in the flooded hallways & attack them before anyone knew it was there. (It actually should be much skinnier in order to be able to hide its very large fin below the water level while sneaking up on people.)

In case you're wondering, no, I did not remember the name of the movie. I Googled "Samuel L. Jackson shark" and it came up! It was a forgettable movie, but I remembered Samuel L. Jackson was in it. He must have done it for laughs.

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