Thursday, August 17, 2017

Xander Spending the Night at Cat Clinic

This morning Xander threw up his breakfast. An hour later he had dry heaves; so I called the Cat Clinic and got an appointment for him tomorrow. Over the next 2 hours he heaved 2 more times and was looking really bad. So I called again, they said to bring him in, the vet would look at him between appointments. He was not feeling well at all.
This foam was all that Xander was able to throw up the 4th time.
He was feeling miserable.

Dr. Belcher called just before dinner. They gave Xander a bunch of fluids because he was dehydrated from the vomiting. They also got a bunch of air out of his stomach. They also gave him a pain killer & something to stop the vomiting. Dr. Belcher said Xander is looking a lot more comfortable; he'll have to stay overnight. They will be doing more blood work; Dr. Belcher says the initial blood work shows that he might have diabetes. He hopes to have more information after the results come back from the additional blood tests.

Tonight Curtis came over to clean Dad up, so while he was doing that I tackled the toilet in Dad's room. I had been cleaning it up the regular way with pine sol and a toilet bowl brush but couldn't get it really clean. (Although Dad did mention to Curtis that he wasn't sure what was going on with the toilet, sometimes it would be cleaner then it would get dirty again!) So while Curtis had Dad out on the patio, I added the HurriClean to the tank & the bowl. It says to wait 6 hours, so I will flush it out tomorrow morning. Here's what it looks like now, I put a packet in both the tank and the bowl; more photos tomorrow.
Tank, before.
Tank, after adding the HurriClean. It foams but not a whole lot.
Bowl, before.
Bowl, during.

As I mentioned, Curtis came over to help clean Dad up. He forgot to bring Lori's trimmers, so he used Dad's old electric shaver. It worked, but it appears to be dull so I will be buying a new one tomorrow. (The battery also won't hold a charge, it has to be plugged in to work anymore.) Dad also changed his clothes, so Curtis used the new wipes from CVS to wipe him down while his clothes were off. Dad liked the fragrance better than the Dude Shower Wipes so we'll go with the cheaper, larger CVS wipes.
Getting a closer shave.
Looking good! But still a little fuzzy.

Chibi has been sleeping on the corner of Dad's bed most mornings.

Tonight's Skinny Pop variation: katsuo fumi furikake, which is bonito flakes. The li hing powder stuck to the popcorn better. This furikake settled to the bottom of the bowl. Tomorrow I'll try the aji nori furikake, it might stick better.

Happy Birthday to Billy!

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