Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Anna Miller's

We went to breakfast at Anna Miller's this morning. It's a Hawai'i restaurant open 24-hours like Denny's. But it also does pies; the sign outside the restaurant says 25 varieties, the website says 31. But we only counted 23 on the list in the restaurant; I think if we check all the lists we might figure out what all of them are. There was a sweet potato pie in the cold case, but its not on the sign at the table or on the website. Curtis had the Portuguese sausage & SPAM scramble, I had the smoked salmon scramble.
Portuguese Sausage & SPAM Scramble.
Smoked Salmon Scramble.

During breakfast Curtis showed me the Fitbit that Lori got him for his birthday. He scrolled through all the different functions that he is able to do with it; at least the ones he has been able to figure out. Right now he is using it to figure out what his normal level of activity is, then he will compare it to when he goes to Las Vegas where he says he walks a lot more than when he's at home. 

The contractors are moving along with the work at his house. When we got back there was a big pile of gravel in the driveway. Later they brought a very small front end loader to move the gravel to the backyard to level out the ground in preparation for pouring the footings and slab. The reason all the equipment is small is to get it through the gate without having to take down any of the walls.
The gate to the left of the house is the one they take the equipment through.
Mini-loader. (Photo by Curtis)

This morning, as I was getting ready to leave, all the cats were lined up at the door.
L to R: Chibi, Shiro, & Xander.

I did laundry when I got back from breakfast; it was a beautiful, sunny morning. No sign of rain, even on the horizon. But late this afternoon there was a rainstorm. A really quick, heavy rainstorm. I got soaked when I ran out to grab the laundry; the clothes were dripping when I got them in. They were wetter than when I hung them out in the morning; I threw everything in to the washer and put it on the spin cycle and got half a gallon of water!
Wet laundry.
Soaked laundry cart.
Water on floor from soaked laundry.
Half gallon of water extracted from laundry.

Here's the weather radar that they showed on the news about the thunderstorm. The yellow is the areas with heavier rain, the green is areas with less rain. There was localized flooding around the city, the whole island was under a flood watch from the late afternoon to mid-evening.
Weatherman Guy Hagi. (Screen shot from TV)

Happy Birthday to Diana!

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