Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dinner with Dad

Because of the dementia, Dad has been letting his personal hygiene go. I have only been able to get him to trim his nails. Curtis came over this evening, his goal was to get Dad cleaned up a little. He succeeded! He got Dad to change his clothes, while he was out of his old clothes Curt wiped him up with the Dude Shower Wipes. Last night Dad had mentioned he needed a shave; I told him Curtis was coming and would help him. So Curt trimmed his beard with scissors, but then we discovered Dad's electric shaver had been unplugged so it wasn't charged. Dad looked pretty good with a short-trimmed beard so Curt will return on the weekend with Lori's clippers & even it out. We're thinking if Dad will let Curtis clean him up weekly, we can also trim his beard at the same time so it looks neat.
Asian Howard Hughes!
Barber Curtis.

Since Dad was cleaned up we took him to dinner at Zippy's. Before we left the house Dad said he only wanted dessert, but then when we got there he decided he wanted the Beef Stew. Curtis had the Chili Burrito and I had the Garlic Miso Chicken Salad. Since we were going to use the wheelchair for Dad, I drove. (The wheelchair lives in the back of my car.) Because I was driving, Curt found out how to get to the upper parking level and that they also had another door on that level! It was easier to park there and wheel Dad in that door rather than using the elevator.
Dad & Curtis at Zippy's.
When Dad's Beef Stew arrived, he decided he only wanted vanilla ice cream. The stew will be there for him tomorrow night.
Chili Burrito.
Garlic Miso Chicken Salad.

This morning Tevita from HTM Contractors came to look at the mango & pomelo trees to give us an estimate. We need to have the branches trimmed away from the incoming power lines, the branches within 6 feet trimmed back from the eaves, and reduce the height of the mango tree to make harvesting easier. I have another contractor that will also be giving me an estimate.
Pomelo tree in front and mango tree in back. Branches need to be trimmed back at least 6 feet from the eaves.
Looking up to the eaves at the incoming (L to R) phone and power lines.

Happy Birthday to Emily!

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