Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Financial Planning

Today I met with Adelia to start a Hawai'i Tax Free Trust. It's a way to have money invested in a tax free fund. Adelia was one of Mom's financial advisors. She is also working with Curtis on some things.

Later I tagged along with Curtis when he went to talk to his other financial advisor Harold. I listened to Harold & Curtis talk about investment strategies & products to help with those strategies. Later we went to lunch at the Side Street Inn which is right across the alley (side street) from Harold's office; he paid for lunch. I'll be talking to Harold about my finances later.
Harold in the Side Street Inn; he eats there a couple times a week.
Boneless Mushroom Chicken.
Spicy Chicken.
Teriyaki Beef & Spicy Chicken Combination.

On the way out of Harold's office building, we did a little exploring. On the way in I had noticed that there was a diagram that showed that there were walkways from the parking garage to the office building, but it appeared to only be on some floors. It turns out that the 3rd floor that Harold's office is located on has a walkway to the garage; Curtis had never noticed it before. He's been going to Harold's office for 10 years! Since I've gotten back I've been teaching him a lot about places he's been going to or things he thought he knew!

When we got back I checked out the plants. Ten days ago when I left I had planted out the olena & a mountain apple; I'm glad I did. They really grew while I was gone! I need to mulch the olena & pull weeds and put weed barrier & red cinders around the mountain apple.
July 21st.
The olena & mountain apple are growing well, but the papaya does not appear to be doing much.

The plants in the back yard also put on a lot of growth, especially the papayas!
July 12th. (I didn't have one from the 21st.)
Hmmmm, I need to take a photo from the same point to really show how much they have grown.

Since I returned Shiro has been following me around. If he doesn't see me he walks around meowing & looking for me. I guess I deserve it, in the last 60 days I have been gone for 32 days. (Of those I was in Kohala for 25 days.) When I am gone, Curtis comes over in the evening to stay with Dad. He said he realized last night that since June 23rd he has only slept in his own bed for 6 nights!
Shiro waiting for me outside the bathroom.

Happy Birthday to Sarah & Ariel!

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