Friday, August 11, 2017

Home Building & Remodeling Show

This evening I went to the New Summer Home Building & Remodeling Show at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. My main goal was to see if I could find something to protect the windows of the Kohala house during a hurricane.

I actually found 2 vendors for hurricane shutters: All Island Rollshutter and RMA Sales. John from All Island was very helpful; he said since the Kohala house is single wall construction don't waste money on window shutter systems that are built to Florida hurricane standards. He said if I did, the walls would fail before the window shutters did. I mentioned that there was an issue with termite damage; he said he has worked with contractors on a lot of houses with termite damage. I will be sending him a photo of a window so he has an idea of what I am working with.
These are the type of shutters that John suggested.

I also talked to a rep about a possible replacement sink for the bathroom. I still need to go in to Ferguson to actually look at the sinks available as well as the fixtures. I would like the replacement to look similar to the original that is in there now.
Sink to be replaced.
A possible replacement? Most don't have a backsplash.

There was also a company that custom makes shoji doors and room partitions, Shoji Hawaii. There is a shoji screen in Grandma's room, it has a hole in it and needs to be replaced. The material that Shoji Hawaii uses is washi paper laminated between plastic so it is more durable.

Yesterday Curtis used the last of the Dude Shower Wipes on Dad. I got the original pack of 8 from the Dude Wipes website. I was also able to get individually wrapped ones from Walgreens but they were a "new" item. Last night I checked online and found a bunch of possibilities. This morning I went to Longs and found some wipes for kupuna! And guess what, they're a little larger than the Dude Shower Wipes and a whole lot cheaper. Hopefully they work as well as the Dude ones.

This afternoon the UPS guy delivered the Lifeproof case! On Monday Angel said it would be 7 to 10 business days, I wasn't expecting it until the middle of next week at the earliest. 

The manual has a section called Life Support.

Happy Birthday to Uncle Tom, Sistah T, & Beverly!

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