Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pistachio Popcorn

On most nights I eat a serving of pistachios (1/3 c), unlike Curtis who leaves the bag on the table and munches until he is done. While I was in Kohala the last time he ate all my pistachios. Fortunately, I had brought some back; there's a huge bag in the freezer in Kohala. But he felt bad so he bought me another bag; they're Salt & Pepper pistachios. I didn't know they made different "flavors" of pistachios. This one's a little on the spicy side.

After I posted last night I decided to add the pistachios to the popcorn; the additional pepper actually goes well with the blandness of the Skinny Pop.

This morning Shiro was lying in the middle of the family room. I got the vacuum out and started cleaning up around the Cat Genie. Shiro's smart enough to know that after I clean up around the Cat Genie I move on to the family room, then the kitchen & dining room. So he moved out of the family room. He will usually jump up on the dining room chair that he likes to sleep in and watches the vacuum moving around under his chair.
Shiro in the dining room, peeking around the corner at the vacuum cleaner.

Monday was the 4-month planting anniversary for the papayas; they're doing really well. But no flowers yet so I won't know how prolific they will be. Tomorrow will be the 3-month planting anniversary for the pakalana. It's also doing really well; there are 5 vines that are tall enough to reach the fence & 2 more getting close to reaching it. One vine is almost to the decorative concrete tile wall.

Here is tonight's popcorn flavor: li hing mui. This is made with the artificially-colored and aspartame-sweetened li hing powder. It was the one that was open, I also have a natural li hing powder that I will use after this artificially-colored batch is used up.

Happy Birthday to Terry, Gwen, Michael, & Joyce!

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