Friday, August 18, 2017

Xander Doing Better Today

Dr. Belcher called today; Xander is doing better! Xander got intravenous fluids yesterday, he's still on them until this evening. Dr. Belcher also gave him a pain killer and insulin to control his diabetic tendency. Xander will stay overnight so they can monitor his blood glucose level. I stopped by to see how he was doing and let him know he wasn't forgotten. (Shiro spent about 15 minutes last night calling for him.)
Xander getting intravenous fluids. He was a perkier than when I brought him in yesterday.

I opened up the chocolate that Curtis picked up for me when he went to Las Vegas in June. It's a very dark chocolate bar, 85% cacao. The recommended amount of dark chocolate is 1 to 2 ounces per day; which I think is a lot. It would mean eating this box in 1&1/2 to 3&1/2 days. There are 2 bars in this box, each scored in to 16 pieces. I'll probably take more like 16 days to finish this off; which would be 2 pieces or about a quarter of an ounce a day.

I picked up a new electric shaver for Dad. Curtis can use this on him next week to do the final clean-up on Dad; he's still got a couple little clumps of beard. After that Dad should be able to do it on his own. But if the dementia makes that difficult, Curt will do it every week when he comes to wipe Dad down. (Since I took care of helping Mom with bathing, Curtis said he would do it for Dad.)

Happy Birthday to Dustin, Beth, Ron, & Hazuki! And also Happy Statehood Day!

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