Tuesday, April 12, 2016


We started the day with a visit to Punchbowl, aka the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, for Uncle Art's interment. The ceremony was moving. A pair of soldiers marched to a place in front of Aunty Judy and her family, they unfolded the flag. Taps was played, they refolded the flag, and presented it to her. (Apparently they no longer do 21-gun salutes.) The urn was then placed in the columbarium niche. Throughout the ceremony it was drizzling on and off. There is a Hawaiian story that says that rain is the tears of the gods.  
After we left Punchbowl we went to lunch at Zippy's. Mom, Aunty Florence, and I all had a variation of saimin to help us warm up after the drizzly morning. Then Aunty Florence decided to buy her own birthday "cake" from Napoleon's Bakery since today is her birthday. She got long johns and anpan for all of us. Both of these are desserts Mom and Aunty Florence would get from Holy's Bakery in Kapa'au when they were growing up. They brought back good memories for them.

I took Momo to the vet after lunch. It appeared that he had thrown up 4 times in the first week that I was here, so I made an appointment for him. Then last night I discovered that perhaps he was not responsible for 2 of the instances but I did not know for sure. Dr. Belcher examined him and found he had a slightly enlarged left lobe of the thyroid and small kidneys. He drew some blood, results will be back tomorrow.

We met Curt and Lori for dinner at Big City Diner to celebrate Aunty Florence's birthday. This was Week#4 and one of the specials was the Spicy Ahi and Avocado Poke Bowl with Sriracha Aioli, Aunty Florence and Curt had that. Mom went for the hamburger steak, Lori had the "Not So Big" Bowl of Big City Chili, and I decided to try the Really Loco, Loco Moco with Grandma's Incredible Kimchee Fried Rice. The servings were large and 'ono; we took home a lot of leftovers for Dad.
L to r: Really Loco, Loco Moco with Grandma's Incredible Kimchee Fried Rice, "Not So Big" Bowl of Big City Chili, and Spicy Ahi and Avocado Poke with Sriracha Aioli

It must have been birthday night at Big City Diner. Shortly after we were seated a 5-year old boy at a nearby table was being celebrated. And near the end of our dinner a 1-year old girl at the next table celebrated her 1st birthday. Aunty Florence fit right in with her 17th birthday celebration! The sister of the 1-year old came over and gave each of us a rainbow heart sticker. (Mine is on the back of my phone case.) Mom and Aunty Florence determined that this is the first birthday of hers that they have celebrated together since there is such a large difference in age between them.

Here's a last look at my dry erase board that I have been using to keep organized. Everything in red was the "have to do" things, blue were "really nice to do", and green were the "nice if I can get a round to it" chores.

Momo has now gotten in the act of "watching" Korean soap operas with Mom. Here's Momo and Xander with Mom. One of these days all 4 cats will be watching Korean soap operas with her!

Happy Birthday to Ernie! Happy Anniversary to Bo and Barbara!

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